Phothiza Holdings Hosts Second Annual Holiday Youth Camp

Phothiza Holdings, under the capable leadership of George Lephoto, affectionately known as ‘Mr Gee’, is currently hosting its second annual holiday youth camp at El-Bethel Worship Centre in Sharpeville. The camp, which commenced on Tuesday, 18th June, is now in its third day, with exciting activities planned through to its culmination on Thursday, 27th June.

This year’s camp caters to learners from grades 6 to 11, drawing participants not only from schools in and around the Vaal Triangle but also from as far as Pretoria and Soweto. According to Mr Gee, the primary goal of the camp is to provide a constructive and engaging environment for children during their school break, keeping them away from potential trouble while ensuring they have a fulfilling holiday experience.

“We want to keep the children busy during the school holidays. We want to ensure that the children stay away from trouble and still enjoy their holiday,” said George Lephoto.

The camp has proven to be a success since its launch in 2023, offering a diverse program that includes activities such as poetry sessions, book readings, debates, and public speaking.

Today, Thursday the 20th of June marks the third day of the camp. Children have had the opportunity to learn new sporting activities under the guidance of John Tau, the facilitator from the Department of Sports, Art, Culture and Recreation.

Throughout the camp, speakers from various organizations, including FAMSA Vaal, the Sharpeville Community, social workers, and other community leaders, have been engaging with the children, imparting valuable insights and skills.

Participants are provided with breakfast, lunch, and snacks daily, all free of charge, ensuring that every child can fully participate in the activities without any financial burden on their families.

Mr. Gee expressed his gratitude to all the stakeholders who have been involved in the camp since its inception. These include Mammuso Pitso from FAMSA Vaal, Alice Sekete an Auxiliary Social Worker, Montseng Kola and John Tau from the Department of Sport, Art, Culture, and Recreation, and the Phothiza Team members Portia Mawai, Constance van Niekerk, and Phillip Masisi, among others. He also extended thanks to Jimmy Nkwe for his consistent support and Tshepang Radebe for her contributions.

He further acknowledged the El-Bethel Worship Centre board, emphasizing, “My eternal gratitude goes to the board of El-Bethel Worship Centre for generously allowing us to use their facilities as our venue and for preparing all our meals.”

Looking ahead, Thursday, the 27th of June, marks the final day of the camp, where a culminating event is planned to celebrate the achievements and experiences of all participants. The community support and engagement in the camp have underscored its importance in providing a nurturing environment for the youth during their break from school.

As the camp continues to grow and evolve, Phothiza Holdings remains committed to its mission of supporting youth development and community enrichment through such initiatives.

John Tau, Gauteng Department of Sport, Art, Culture and Recreation.
Community Development,Education
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