“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.”

~ Maya Angelou

Helping Those in need

Alleviating Poverty

At Phothiza Holdings, we engage in diverse projects in the community. We believe in being the change we want to see in our community and we try by all means to alleviate poverty in our community.

Some of our projects include assisting families who have lost their properties in natural disasters such as floods and fires.

At the heart of our organisation is the youth. We assist in youth empowerment projects and encourage the youth to be the best versions of themselves.

Boys’ and girls’ dignity packs help teens in their adolescent stages. These stages should not be seen as burdens or inconveniences as they are just natural. Phothiza Holdings donate dignity packs in primary schools to disadvantaged learners,

We also donate school shoes and socks to underprivileged learners and our motto is, “There should be no barefoot in our lifetime.”

These are some of the projects we engage in at Phothiza Holdings.


Meaningful Parnerships

We seek out collaborations with other businesses and people who share our values and philosophy because we believe in the power of teamwork. By working together, we can increase our influence and make sure that our resources are being spent wisely.

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