It Takes a Village: The Collective Power of Community

In a world often defined by individualism, the age-old saying, “It takes a village,” resonates more profoundly than ever. This timeless wisdom encapsulates the idea that community support is essential […]

Winter Youth Camp in Sharpeville final week

It has been a fun-filled two weeks and today, Tuesday the 11th of July marks the beginning of the final week of the Winter Youth Crime Awareness/ Prevention Camp in […]

Frankly Spelling Bee Winter Edition countdown

The countdown to the Frankly Spelling Bee Winter Edition has begun. The Spelling Bee will be hosted by Phothiza Holdings at El-Bethel Worship Centre in Vuka, Sharpeville on Saturday the […]

2023 Winter Youth Camp

Phothiza Holdings has the youth at heart. We understand that youth are the future and investing in the youth is investing in the future. Today, Phothiza Holdings has launched its […]

Join our fight against period poverty

What is period poverty? ‘Period poverty describes the struggle many low-income women and girls face while trying to afford menstrual products. The term also refers to the increased economic vulnerability women […]