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Our story

We exist not for ourselves but, for others

PHOTHIZA HOLDINGS (PH) aims to touch as many lives as possible. This is done through various projects in our community. Many people are hopeless, feel abandoned, and utterly lost. In this ‘dark continent,’ we endeavor to be a beacon of light for our generation.

We exist not for ourselves but, for others. Here is what we can do for you:

Event Management

We can assist in hosting events of all kinds.


We are committed to ensuring that underprivileged learners get assistance in terms of their educational needs

Community Projects

We have various programs to assist families and households in need.

Our Principles

"You are dead till you live for others." – Abhijit Naskar

We believe at PH that Ubuntu is not dead; it lives on through us. It is especially noted in how we treat our youngsters. Many of our youths feel neglected and are turning to comfort from drug and substance abuse. Therefore, youth development, empowerment, and education are the epitomai of our mission. As the youth is our future, we are particularly interested in their development and skills equipment as this is fundamental to poverty eradication in our communities. We prioritise the youngsters and assist them to reach their full potential in life.

Our Team

Meet Our Founder

The founding member of Phothiza Holdings, George Lephoto, is a devoted donor on a mission to improve our surrounding communities. George has years of experience as a philanthropist and has devoted their life to finding solutions.

Phothiza Holdings has advanced significantly under George in terms of achievements and influence on the community.
George is renowned for their creative problem-solving methods and capacity to unite disparate groups to work toward a single objective.
George Lephotho

George Lephotho