One Night With Mr Gee

The 27th of May 2023 was the last Saturday of the ‘Mothers Month’ and Phothiza Holdings made it a night to remember for the mothers who attended, ‘One Night With Mr Gee,’ at The Riviera Hotel in Vereeniging.

At 3pm, the first of the immaculately dressed mothers made an appearance. The ladies received a warm welcome from their host and MC, George ‘Mr Gee’ Lephoto who wowed his guests beyond expectation. The event was very well attended despite the chilly weather.

George ‘Mr Gee’ Lephoto, Founder of Phothiza Holdings

Several women were greatly shocked that such an event at one of Vaal’s upmarket hotels costed only R80.00 per person, including a 3-course meal. There was copious and scrumptious food. My mouth is watering just at the thought of it.  

Several women were honoured with awards and every woman had something to take home with.

The host, George Lephoto is a renowned radio personality, entrepreneur, events MC, DJ and philanthropist. He is the Founder of Phothiza Holdings, an entity that has changed many lives in the Vaal Triangle. He has a three-hour radio programme on one of Vaal’s top community radio stations, Lekoa FM.


One of the ladies who attended One Night With Mr Gee sent this message:

“I attended the event organised by Phothiza Holdings for Mother’s month on 27th of May 2023. I therefore hereby thank you for such a well organised occasion. I understand that you do host such events most often but it was my first time to attend. The venue (Riviera Hotel) was classy👌. Welcome hmmm out of this world, red carpet and photo shoot as we entered made me feel special. Programme was on point with BGee presentation and honouring of mothers who contribute positively and serving their communities with love and respect.👏I appreciate the gifts which were organised for every individual who attended the occasion shoo!! with our names on it was so perfect 👌 aah!!! you did well on administration part, decor, food, music, theme (dress code) hmmm Everything was on point. I cannot afford to miss any of your upcoming events for any reason. May God continue to bless the works of your hands and enable all who are working hard towards the success of events.”

Regards Girly Motloung

Moeresi Molebatsi sent this text the day after the event,

Morning great sistas
Thank you very much to Mr G… Pothiza Holdings….. Cleaning partners and all other partners.
Lekoa FM..
You too my dearest sister.
We had a fabulous time… 🙏🏾
Much love and appreciation ❤ I’ll make time this week to get the pads and a pair of school shoes and take them to Lekoa FM….. 🙏🏾

Phothiza Holdings thanks every woman who showed up for our One Night With Mr Gee event and allowed us to spoil them. May they spread the love.


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