Frankly Spelling Bee Competition: Celebrating Young Talent and Community Support

The Frankly Spelling Bee Competition was a thrilling event that showcased the talents of young spellers from all over the region. Competitors had to navigate through challenging rounds of spelling, with only the most skilled advancing to the final round.

Supported by our partners, AllNew Media Solutions, Lekoa Fm, Tshehlana Cleaning Services, and R’Ticulate Media Solutions, this competition was a testament to the power of community support in nurturing young talent.

Our gallery features images of the spellers in action, showcasing their impressive skills and determination. You can see the intensity in their eyes as they focus on the words before them, spelling out each letter with precision.

In addition to the spellers, we also have photos of our dedicated judges and volunteers who helped make this event a success. These individuals worked tirelessly to ensure that the competition ran smoothly and that every participant had a fair and enjoyable experience.

We would like to thank all of our partners for their support, without which this competition would not have been possible. Their contributions helped us to create an exciting and rewarding experience for all involved.

We hope that you enjoy browsing through our gallery and reliving some of the unforgettable moments from the Frankly Spelling Bee Competition. Thank you for your interest in this event and for supporting Phothiza Holdings in our mission to empower young learners

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