5 Reasons to Encourage Your Child to Join Spelling Bee Competition

There are several reasons to encourage your child to join spelling bees. Spelling bees are not only fun but, they provide a valuable educational experience for children. There are many other benefits from this enjoyable activity:

  • Children Learn Grammar

Spelling bees do not merely involve rote learning of words. Rather, the preparation for a spelling bee is a comprehensive learning process that allows children to learn the definition, pronunciation, and roots of the word.

  • Increases Confidence

Spelling bees help children gain the confidence they need to speak in public and accept their mistakes, while also getting the applause their hard work deserves. In the beginning, children are very scared and make many mistakes but their confidence grows as the competition progresses.

  • Gain Knowledge

Learning words can get students interested in the language and may begin to trace the origin of a word and its etymology. This information will greatly enhance the knowledge base of a child, even at a very young age, and motivate them to develop a keen interest in learning new words.

  • Competitive Spirit

Spelling bees encourage healthy competition, allowing individuals to compete in a safe space. The mental exercise and excitement that goes with a spelling bee competition is just as stimulating as a physical competition, which means that the whole competition can pump up the adrenaline of the contestants and the audience alike.

  • Enhances Vocabulary

The valuable learning outcome of spelling bee results in the children gaining competency over vocabulary and this allows them to excel at reading and writing. The ability to understand more words will allow your children to become literate and enjoy reading an extensive range of material.

These are just a few of the benefits of a spelling bee. There are many more. One other noteworthy benefit is that children will have a break from their games and social media as they concentrate in the preparation of the spelling bee…. I am sure parents would love that!

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